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So yeah, I just realized it's been at least over a year since I've updated anything here. I have cosplayed five or six characters after that and I've kinda just forgotten to post any photographical evidence of it. I'm sorry if someone's been missing my presence here. I blame both my (only in Finnish for now) cosplay blog and having a tumblr-account. Also life in the forms of University studies (and perhaps dating) have parts of their own.

I won't really promise to remember to drag my butt back onto this site any more often, but I will try to have a posting spree so that this place is at least somewhat up to date. So I will probably be sorry for the inconvenience of filling your inboxes with my cosplay stuff in the near future.
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Hiya! This account is mainly for two things; cosplay and drawing!

Cosplay is almost an obsession of mine. I seem to prefer cosplaying young men who are either socially awkward and friendly or somewhat angsty and mean looking but deep down nice (and still socially awkward. xD). And that's probably because that's somewhat how I am too. But I do also cosplay characters out of my comfort zone just for the fun of it or to make my friends happy. I just love almost every part of cosplay; seeing a character and knowing I want to cosplay him (or maybe her...), planning the outfit and figuring out how to do everything, the actual sewing and sawing and painting and everything and of course wearing it to cons, meeting friends and new people and getting fun pictures of the character.

Drawing I have liked since I can remember. I'm not especially good at it, but I do it for fun and my own enjoyment with the slight hope of getting better with time. I'm also ridiculously shy and self-conscious with my work and it's errors, so it has been a large step for me to put any here. But I hope someone enjoys my stuff and maybe with time I can look at the first pages and say I have developed.

Cosplay blogi (Only in Finnish)

Stamp: Pottermore Hufflepuff by Shinexa Finland Stamp by l8 Sheep Stamp by Chibifangirl01 Gemini Stamp by SparkLum
None of the Above Stamp by ninetails390 I Love...Stamp by SilverSugar older by krissimonsta Socially Awkward Stamp by MusicIsAnAddiction
Nightwish Support Stamp by Seiorai Tuomas Holopainen Stamp by Huurreturkki
DA Stamp - Cosplay Addict 01 by tppgraphics Kaoru Kaidoh icon by Kauthar-Sharbini Remus Lupin Stamp by jibirelle
Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Stamp by Chlpper
Reid Stamp 1 by Sora-Eclair Sherlock by 1stClassStamps Johnlock by clio-mokona
Tolkien by Claire-stamps DragonLance Stamp by NikkouChan Raistlin Stamp by Blue-Storm-Spirit Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Sushi Stamp by Scott347scott coca cola stamp by GoPurifyYourself Tea Stamp by Agony-Whispers Ice Coffee Stamp by CoffeeAddictionClub


Oops by Ri-tan
This is one of the only Hiccup photos I even have. We didn't really photo shoot at Yukicon. But I'm pretty sure I'll cosplay him again later. This photo also shows my freckle make-up nicely. I took the photo my self.
Gonna Get A Hit by Ri-tan
Gonna Get A Hit
This is maybe my favourite from the Ropecon photoshoot when it comes to pictures of me. Because for once I manage a face that is fun enough for Mihashi. Curse you anime boys with expressions that are impossible in real life.
Photo taken by this person
More Oofuri photos in my Tumblr oofuri tag
Pitching by Ri-tan
I cosplayed Mihashi last summer and met some other Oofuri cosplayers in my first con as him. Their Mihashi asked if I'd like to join them in Ropecon and I really wanted to. She even changed her cosplay to Oki-kun so that we'd have more different characters which was really sweet. This is from the Ropecon photoshoot and one of the proper ones (maybe almost too proper for Mihashi's silly face?).

Photo by the mentioned Mihashi/Oki-kun
More pictures can be found here in Tumblr
Just Keep Swimming by Ri-tan
Just Keep Swimming
I actually went swimming in the costume. It was the strangest thing to swim in a wig, in a public place when my upper body was only covered wit like six straps of tape. But the whole beach was full of cosplayers, so in the end no-one probably cared that much. Also, one of my goggles was leaking, but miraculously my eye make-up survived. Actually it was quite fun.

Photo was taken by Thalionkalwen who just offered to photoshoot my costume and even waded through the water to get some photos. Thanks.

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